What do you charge for your services?

This question is all too familiar for obvious reasons – you’re seeking service from an individual, entity, company or corporation to accomplish your task and you want a cost or estimate, right?

WebAuthorsGroup prides itself on the concept of “price vs. value” – if the term “you get what you pay for” has any meaning, then you’ll think it’s either a great deal or too expensive because a price was locked in on a product/service you’re seeking and a person or company who does provide pricing on a product/service will give you just that should you choose to opt for pricing as opposed to the value of what you’ll receive.

We like to provide a different viewpoint for your consideration – we would inquire as to what you want accomplished and then ask you if you had a budget for the project. This concept provides flexibility in the pricing factor while, at the same time, provides you the quality and service you expect for that service.

WebAuthorsGroup works with many individuals in a budget capacity – we may not be the lowest priced company to provide the service you’re looking for, but you will receive the quality and service for which we pride value on.