About WebAuthorsGroup

WebAuthorsGroup is an independently owned and operated company by Bruce Lavigne. Mr Lavigne has embarked upon years of toiling with web and graphics tools and self-teachings of web related elements and combining his years of customer service who now provides a wide variety of services to you such as new website design, content editing of pre-existing websites,

domain name research, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website “facelifts” – even graphics design from a simple logo to construction of an entire website, email newsletters, business cards and more. As an independently owned company, we don’t have the overhead other companies endure and therefore we can provide you pricing for ANY job at the lowest possible quote

without compromising the quality you expect and deserve. We offer services to individuals (private contractors) and businesses nationwide on a “remote” level – no matter where your geographical location is, we can provide you all the services we mention remotely.